Aerial Drone Services

Take to the skies with our aerial drone services!

We offer dynamic aerial filming and photography using both our DJI Phantom 4 Pro and our DJI Mini 2 drones, allowing us to capture stunning footage from above that would be impossible with ground cameras.


Our drone pilot, Gavin Hugh, is fully qualified with both A2 CofC and GVC qualifications, and has received formal operational authorisation from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

Our drone operations are insured by Coverdrone and are in line with the relevant legislation relating to UK airspace.

Please note that we can only conduct our aerial operations following a risk assessment of the both area and weather conditions. To ensure safety and legal compliance, we can only operate where and when it is safe and legal to do so. We will discuss these considerations with you to ensure compliance.

For more information, please download our guide below.


Aerial Drone Flying

Our drone footage is filmed in razor-sharp, high quality 4K resolution, for outstanding visuals that capture fine detail. Please note that this is downscaled to HD when included with projects that are not in 4K.

Up to 20 minutes of flight£160
Up to 40 minutes of flight£210
Up to 1 hour of flight£260

Aerial Drone Flying combined with Video Production Services

We offer reduced rates for our aerial drone services when combined with our Video Production Services.
For more information on our Video Production Services, please click here.

Up to 20 minutes of flight£110
Up to 40 minutes of flight£160
Up to 1 hour of flight£210

Additional Information

Pricing may vary depending on the nature or complexity of your project, as well as the resources, number of camera operators, and / or editing days required. Please feel free to get in touch for a personalised quote.

Please note that we do not typically share raw footage for Video Production projects with our clients, and we do not permit clients to directly sit in on the editing process.

When confirming a booking with a client, we ask our clients to sign a booking form which outlines the agreed services and stipulates our terms and conditions. We typically ask our clients for a 50% deposit (equal to half of the total estimated price) when booking, with final payment typically due on delivery with an Invoice.

Our payment terms are 30 days from the day an Invoice is issued to clients. We may also claim for expenses where applicable, such as travel, etc. Fuel mileage is typically charged at 45p per mile.

Terms and conditions apply.