Our Process


We enjoy meeting prospective clients to discuss their individual needs, offering a free consultation to identify how we can best assist you.


Our projects are planned in detail to ensure our videos meet your specifications. We can also offer tailored storyboard and scripting services.

Location Scouting

Prior to filming, we enjoy visiting locations to plan our filming setup, identifying the best shots and ensuring efficiency during production.

HD / 4K Location Filming

As well as offering video filming at HD and 4K resolutions, we can work efficiently in both indoor or outdoor settings as our client requires.

Multi-Cam Filming

Deploying multiple camera operators, we can film simultaneously from a number of different angles - making sure we capture all the key moments.

Sound Recording

Using high-quality sound recording equipment, our microphones protect against wind noise and ensure crisp, clean audio to accompany your video.


We take our captured footage through the editing process to produce creative, focused, concise and effective videos - and can deliver to tight deadlines.

Digital Effects & Graphics

Our videos can be enhanced with a number of digital flourishes, from animations and graphics to titles and credits to enhance the impact of your video.


Once our final cut is agreed with our client, our videos can be provided as digital files, DVD or Blu Ray discs - or delivered on USB sticks.


Our standard prices are set at £200 approx. per half day (up to 4 hours) and £300  approx. per full day (over 4 hours). Travel expenses / fuel mileage will be claimed for filming outside of Fife.

Pricing may vary depending on the nature or complexity of your project, as well the resources, number of camera operators and/or editing days required.

Please feel free to get in touch for a personalised quote.