Mountains Mend Minds (2023)

Mountains Mend Minds is a short documentary project from MidgieBite Media about hope, struggle, perseverance, and overcoming adversity.

We follow the story of Scottish hillwalker Ross Cunningham, who recovered from severe depression by hillwalking through Scotland with his canine companion, Dex.

Last year, Ross achieved his target of climbing all 282 Munros (Scotland’s highest mountains). Now, Ross is on a mission to get others with their own mental health challenges out onto the hills, founding the Mountains Mend Minds blog in 2020.

Travelling throughout Scotland, Ross now guides others on their own hillwalking journeys, to help them find out if the outdoors can help their mental health.

In the short film, Ross guides his friend and novice hillwalker, Anas Hassan, to climb East Lomond Hill in Fife – known locally as Falkland Hill – which provided to be an emotional and cathartic experience.

You can watch a 2-minute preview of our film in the video above.